Cleanse Your Home Easily And Quickly!

Remove that uncomfortable "feeling" in your environment to create a happy home.

* You can cover smells with aromatherapy

* You can physically clean the house

* You can even paint and renovate

* Yet, you'll still have the energy of the previous occupants that make you feel...

"Not Quite Right"

What Do You Receive From Your Neutral Cleanse?

Connect With Your Property Guardians

Did you know that your property has guardians? Well it does. It has 2 guardians that have been connected to your property from the beginning of time

A Neutral Cleanse will connect with these guardians to assist with the clearing of energies so that you and your family will create a life full of joy.

When a guardian isn't happy with what has happened on the property, it will effect your moods, your health, your finances and your relationships.

When your property's guardians are happy they become your co-creator.

Neutralise The Stressors On Your Property

With the help of your property's guardians, Rosemary will neutralise geomagnetic stress, electromagnetic stress, water stress.

Having these stressors on your property will have an effect on your plants, your animals, the maintenance of your home and your relationships.

When the stressors are neutralised your home will be able to breathe again and so will you.

Neutralise Previous Tenants

Your home may be new or it may have had many people living in it before you. Either way it will have the energy of other people entwined in it.

It could be the energy of the draughts-person, the painter, the previous owners or even someone who has walked on the earth before your home was built.

It could even be YOUR ancestors who have followed you from house to house.

To have a home that feels happy and contributes to living your highest expression, it is best to neutralise ALL energy. This will give you the freedom to create a life that works for you.

Close Portals, Vortexes, etc

Your property may have a portal, vortex or other opening into other dimensions or space.

If this is the case, Neutral Cleanse will allow any lessons to be downloaded energetically and closed so that the room or area that it is in will have a lighter, fresher energy to it.

You will find that you will want to use the space more often. Sometimes these areas have a tendency to open up again depending on the people living in the home which is why it is best to ask the Guardians to do it for the home owners/tenants on their behalf.

If you feel you have an area in your home that is not used or you avoid, you may have an opening and the monthly cleansing may be an idea for your property.

Neutralise Your Neighbourhood

Do you live in an area where some of the neighbours aren't as happy and respectful as you would like?

Is the crime rate a problem for your neighbourhood? Or do you have dogs near your home that bark incessantly?

Having a Neutral Cleanse on your property will allow the energy to flow throughout the neighbourhood. You do not live in a bubble, so neutralising the energy of your neighbourhood will benefit you greatly.

Neutralise Outside Energies

As social beings we tend not to stay in our homes 24/7 (unless our properties have not been cleansed) and we will bring back energies from other people and places.

And of course if we invite people onto our property, we cannot control what they bring with them.

This is why Rosemary offers monthly followups where, with the help of your Property Guardians she will neutralise any energy that has accumulated over the week.

It's like having a weekly shower for your home and the land it is on and is highly recommended.

We Chose The Home That "Felt" Right!

Late 2015, my husband and I bought our home in Safety Bay.

We spent many a weekend scouring through houses that ticked all the boxes.

Unfortunately with most of them, we couldn't get out of the house quick enough.

The houses didn't "feel" right to us.

In fact, most of the houses repelled us!

I wished that I could have cleansed those houses so that they created a welcoming environment instead of turning buyers away.

The home we finally bought did not fit all of our criteria, yet it felt like our home.

Why do people do this?

Have you ever walked into a room after someone has had a fight?

Well it's exactly the same as that, yet we subconsciously feel the accumulation of fights over the years that people have been living in a house.

It's like when you walk into a party and you know immediately if it's going to be a blast or completely fizzle.

So we know whether we are attracted to the sad house or the happy house.

After we moved in, I cleansed our house and my friends and clients noticed how much lighter the energy seemed and of course asked me to cleanse their homes too.

And so Neutral Cleanse was born!

Rosemary Davey - Intuitive Counsellor


Diana de Vos - Beck

I had forgotten that Rosemary was doing a cleanse this afternoon and when she asked me how I felt afterwards, I realised that I felt excited and positive about life. My house feels a lot lighter too. I'm definitely going to be doing the maintenance cleansing every month.

Diana de Vos - Beck
Robyn Olson

Rosemary cleansed our home in 2 stages. During the second stage I had a huge headache as the energy in our home lifted. The next day, the headache was completely gone and my family is being so much nicer to each other.

Robyn Olson
Nature Direct

Who Is Rosemary Davey?

Rosemary Davey has a background in Mind Body Medicine and Holistic Counselling which she has been practicing for over 10 years.

She works with clients privately and in her group program Divine Love Club where she uses a technique she developed called Energetic Entrainment Therapy.

While developing this technique she started experimenting with tuning forks and how sound can create dramatic shifts in emotions.

When using the tuning forks, Rosemary has found that she is able to neutralise emotional energy within people, animals, plants, businesses and houses.

She has been using Energetic Entrainment Therapy (which includes the use of Kinesiology and Tuning Forks) with amazing benefits for her clients.

She is always looking at ways to develop and expand upon the techniques she uses and house cleansing is one way she does this.

Being a bit of a homebody, she knows how important living in a happy and supportive environment is...

Not only with the people you are surrounded by, but with the home you live in.

Houses give us shelter, warmth in the winter, cool us in the summer and if the energy of the house is cleansed it can support you to create a life of your dreams.

Why would you ever want to live in other people's energy... good, bad or indifferent!

It is Rosemary's intention to cleanse as many houses as possible to allow the occupants to create the happy home so many of us desire.

And when working with both Home Owners and Real Estate Agents she may just be able to do that.

If you would like to learn more about what Rosemary does with humans, please take a look at her website, to find out more.


Yvette Merton

The sadness in my beautiful new home has now been lifted.

Yvette Merton
Waikiki Women's Meditation Group

Let The House Feel Good!

As A Home Owner:

Cleanses are an amazing experience for your home and your family.

After a cleanse, the people living in the house tend to be happier, more loving towards each other and have good things come into their life.

Pretty cool, huh?

The reason for this is because we are like sponges and no matter how hard we try, we pick energy up from other people and our environment and when our house is cleansed, we have one less place to worry about.

Our home is cleansed and we are able to relax in an environment that is our safe place to be.

It's important for everyone to leave their bad days at the door, however, this rarely happens and the energy accumulates again.

When you continue with the monthly cleansing session, you'll continue to have a fresh neutralised home.

Just like having a shower to wash off the grime from your body.

Cleanse Where You Live

* Bring more joy into your home

* Be free from past energies

* Enjoy using all your rooms

* Create a different dynamic with your family

* Make your home YOURS!

* Can be done remotely

* A once off fee of $170 per home

* 30 day money back guarantee

* Optional refresher subscription $17 per month

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Allow Your Home To "Feel" Just Right!